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Dot Pin Marking Machine

  • Easy interface with barcode & QR code printer for Sticker

  • All system fonts are supported with special logo fonts

  • Adjustable marking speed

  • Communication: USB

Paste Mixer Machine

  • The mixing chamber is made of stainless steel lined

  • Stainless steel casted blades

  • Available in 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 Kg capacities

  • The mixing chamber is provided with water cooling jacket to keep the paste cool

Battery Charging  Water Tubs

Semi-Automatic Grid Casting Machine

  • Standard grid 0.7 panels /min

  • Standard grid panels 3000 pieces in 8 hours

  • Manual lead pouring

  • Temperature-controlled water cooling system

Hydraulic Press

  • Standard battery plate 0.50 panels /min

  • Electrical requirement: 2HP/3 Phase/440 volts

Kanghi Die

Intercell Welding Machine

  • Working capacity is approx 200 batteries per 8-hour shift

  • S.S. welding controller

  • Operating range: 40AH to 200AH + IT 500

Heat Sealing Machine

  • Specially designed heaters & reputed electrical system

  • A special alloy hot plate is used to give better result

  • Pneumatic operator cylinder with individual solenoid valve

Tubular IT Grid Casting Machine

  • Manual lead pouring

  • Temperature-controlled water cooling system

  • Tubular grid panels 2400 to 3600 pieces in 8 hours

Assembly Line Rollers

Grid Cutting Machine (Manual)

  • All types of battery grid cutting machine

  • Standard grid 0.6 panels / min

Shrink Wrapping

  • M.S powder coated body

  • M S roller belt cover

  • 1-4 pgs / min

Shrink Packing Machine-Automatic

Shrink Packing Machine-Manual

Hydaulic Plate Pressing Machine

Battery Box Packing Machine

Semi Automatic Grid Casting Machine

L Pole Die 2 Cavity

Tubular Positive Grid Machine with Mold

Manual Shrink Wrapping Machine

L pol die pneumatic 4 cavity

Manual Grid Casting Machine

Air Leakage Tester

Heat Sealing Machine

Intercell Welding Machine

MS Conveyor


Serial Number Machine

Serial Number Machine

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